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Susan Genell Schuessler 

Susan has always loved the beauty of our Earth. It has inspired her to create pieces that send one on a path towards a peaceful existence with their own memories, similar to her own journeys through life and dreams. Mother Nature is her mentor ultimately guiding her way on our beautiful planet.


As an artist she has learned to enjoy working in many genres and media. Her art is natural, expressionistic and will take on the

contradictions and redundancies of an abstract’s simplest form. The natural light from the sun that shines on every piece of land, finds a place to shine in Susan’s world, from a grassy peninsula in the afternoon to the morning fog that glows over a lake.

Many years ago, a friend suggested she explore working in Silverpoint. This ancient media was used by old Masters before graphite became readily available. These metals, for example lead, silver, copper and gold, make marks on textured surfaces. The metal can be so fine that the artist is able to achieve a degree of detail and still express a free and flowing form. Even though graphite and metal point are essentially

shades of grey, Susan explores vibrant colors in her oil paintings.

A native of Southern California, Susan lived in the idyllic town of Sierra Madre for decades before moving to the peaceful and pristine Humboldt County. “I am looking forward to exploring a new path set for my life and learn all I can. I believe we all learn something new

every day, and I will never lessen my desire to obtain more knowledge.”


Susan had a fun-filled career in the fashion industry for almost 30 years and six years as an instructor at the junior college level to our up and coming fashion designers of the future.

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